Place Trading company works out the first in the world 3D exhibition

Place Trading company works out the first in the world 3D exhibition


/August, 2015/ Russian company Place Trading Ltd. sets up the first in the world 3D exhibition.


You will get an opportunity to visit 3D exhibition in the comfort of your home or office and learn about manufacturers, their products, and features, sphere of application, novelties and innovations as well as service providers free of charge.
The exhibition floor hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of a year. 

The exhibition will have national pavilions from (Russia, Germany, England, France, and the USA etc). And structured by economical sectors: construction, real estate, metallurgy, machine building, power engineering etc.

3D Exhibition Goals: 

•    Commercial (advertising of goods and services to promote it to final customers or partnering-companies on a commercial basis);
•    Informational (public awareness campaign. Informing wide ranges of people about features and advantages of products and services);
•   Scientific and entertaining (the prototype is a cognitive TV show "Intend to know everything" and works as a quest. The purpose is to learn about the companies" products, mechanisms and machines operation available for investigation by the exhibition guest; experiencing products and services qualities in process of doing puzzles and twisters).

We welcome investment and venture funds to join 3D exhibition project. Companies interested in being presented at the first global 3D exhibition are invited to send their requests to: Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

Virtual 3D exhibition will be located at the existing advertising and exhibition platform Place Trading with informational support by Press Agency Info-Kommentator.

To get more detailed information and learn about its difference and advantages comparing to conventional exhibition please visit the official web-site (Media Kit - "3D Place Trading").

Russian company "Place Trading" (ООО "Плейс Трейдинг") is a subsidiary of German Press Agency Informationsdienst Info-Kommentator ("Инфо-Комментатор") and is specialized in performing a wide range of informational services in the sphere of wholesale and retail trade, exhibition and advertising services. Headquarters is based in Saint Petersburg.
Among our clients are acknowledged leaders in its fields, such as: ООО "Scientific and production center of Anticorrosion Protection" ("НПЦ Антикоррозионной Защиты"), PremiQaMed Privatkliniken GmbH, SAVA GmbH, ОАО "Port Special Economic Zone "Ulyanovsk" (ПОЭЗ "Ульяновск"), ООО "Wolf Energy Conservative Systems" (ООО "Вольф Энергосберегающие системы") etc. 

Media kit of Place Trading advertising and exhibition platform


Referral source: Press Agency Info-Kommentator